ISO Certified

Our quality management system has passed a third party review and is certified to meet the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our certification was first issued in 2014 and we take pride in continuously improving it to maintain our certification.


We have a standard procedure for inspecting all the parts we produce. Our procedure determines how many parts in a particular batch we’ll inspect. But we always error on the side of caution and we take pride in our meticulous approach to inspecting.

The result of our painstaking inspection process is an extremely low rate of escaping defects and happy customers.

We complete our inspections with a wide range of gages and tools

These tools include:

  • CMM

  • Height Gages

  • Micrometers

  • Comparator

All of our equipment used final inspections is calibrated at least annually and traceable to NIST standards

Air Flow

We are unique in that when we need to test a part to make sure it’s manufactured properly and has the right tolerance, we use an air flow system. For instance, in a fuel-related part the conventional way to determine the amount of fuel that can run through it is to measure the hole. Our air flow system is a far more efficient and accurate method of gauging fuel flow in a part.

Our air test stand is specially designed for highly accurate and repeatable measurement at a wide range of flowrates. It measures air flow for large aircraft and land-based, gas turbine parts, and meets a wide range of component flow range air testing needs of OEMs and their suppliers.

Key Features:

  • Highly Repeatable Results (±0.15%)

  • Wide range of part test pressures and mass flow rates

  • Adaptable to a wide number of parts using fixtures designed by our engineering team

Like all our machines, our air flow system is calibrated annually using equipment traceable to NIST standards.

Since air flow testing machines are not standard equipment at most plants, we often are asked to test parts made by other manufacturers.

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