About Us

We Are the Best at What We Do:

Make Precision Parts

We are a team of skilled designers, engineers, programmers and machinists who are experts in all areas of tooling and manufacturing precision parts. More recently, we have focused on designing and building high tolerance, prototype parts and specialized machines for the industry elites.

Three core principles drive our business and are largely responsible for our success:








It takes a gambling spirit to try new, innovative ways to do something that’s always been done a certain way. We embrace innovation. This means we are constantly striving for new ideas – and a better way of doing something.

New ideas often result in better products. New methods help our customers become more efficient, something they appreciate.


We know how to execute a process from start to finish. From the moment our customer walks in the door with a problem we begin developing a thorough plan that will solve the issue.

We often work under tight deadlines. That is not a problem. We finish our projects on schedule, which results in satisfied customers.


We hire the best people, train them well and provide them with the most efficient tools. Coupled with our reputation for innovation and execution, the end result is we produce precision parts that few companies can replicate. We are never satisfied with anything less.

Innovative Manufacturing & Design

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